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  • Membership registration is charged 800 yen for per person.
    Payment will be made with the Facility usage fee at the branch on the day of the play. If you make a web reservation at the Odaka branch or Sagamihara branch, payment will be made at the time of reservation.
  • Facility usage fees might be changed in advance.
  • Private Zone (Moriyama branch and Fuso branch) and Performance Zone (Fuso branch) requires to register one of your representatives.
    Free Zone (Moriyama branch and Fuso branch) and Main zone (Odaka branch, Sagamihara branch) require registration for all customers who will use the facility.
  • Membership registration for under 18years old of age (before graduate high school) must have the waiver signed by their parent or guardian. The person who sign the waiver shall be co-responsible for the person.
  • We acknowledge and treat the person as a high school student until March 31st. Even their graduation ceremony is completed at the end of the academic year.
  • For the entire building and free zone charter (Moriyama branch and Fuso branch) requires to register one person as the group’s representative.
  • For the entire building and free zone charter (Moriyama branch and Fuso branch) requires to register one person as the group’s representative.
  • All customers who use the Moriyama branch free zone, Fuso branch free zone/performance zone, and Odaka branch and Sagamihara branch main zone are required to wear our exclusive grip socks. Other socks with grips purchased at other company cannot be used in our facilities. Customers who register as a new member will be provided one pair grip socks by the branch you registered.
  • If you are registered as a representative, please be sure to inform other users of our terms and conditions and facility usage rules.
  • Membership registration for Kids zone at Odaka branch is not required.
  • Please check the contents of the pledge then sign it if you agree with.
  • Please fill in your information from the pre-registration form.
  • Please inform us your registered name and date of birth if you have pre-registered.
  • Once the verify your membership registration, a membership card will be issued.
    • Pledge

      Please read the following contents and proceed the membership registration if you agreed with the terms and conditions.

      Mr.JUMP Terms and Conditions

      If you are registered as a representative of your group, please be sure to inform other users of terms and conditions and facility usage rules.
      Trampoline Park Mr.JUMP is an athletic facility of trampolines. Content installed in this facility carries potential hazards that can lead to serious accidents, including death. To use our facility, you need to understand all of the following contents and rules.

      (1) Precautions for using the facility
      Usage of facilities
      Drinking alcohol and smoking are prohibited inside of our facilities.
      After finish your time of play please take all garbage with you, including food and beverages brought in from home.
      Eating and drinking are only allowed in the space designated for each branch. In the play area, only containers with lids (water bottles, plastic bottles, etc.) are allowed to bring in the playing area. Drinking drinks while playing on the trampolines and etc., are prohibited.
      Please take care of your valuables by yourself. Please use the locker to keep your items safe. However, we are not responsible for any loss or theft.
      If you do not follow the instructions of the staff or violate the rules, you may be suspended from using the facilities. And We cannot refund usage fees, registration fees, etc.
      Street parking is strictly prohibited. Please use public transportation or, if you are driving, please car pool with your group and fiends, and if the parking lot is full, please contact the branch staff.
      The facility does not allow tattoos to be exposed. If you have a tattoo, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your cooperation in covering it with clothing.
      When interviewing various media, photographs, videos, audio, etc. of customers taken or recorded may be used for articles and broadcasts.
      Usage by under 18 years old (high school students)
      Membership registration for those under 18 (high school students) requires the signature of a parent or guardian. The guardian shall co-responsible with the person.
      Parents and guardians shall be jointly and severally liable.
      Even if the graduation ceremony is completed at the end of the academic year, they will be treated as a high school student until March 31st.
      Usage by elementary school students
      Elementary school students can use our facility by their alone, but please be accompanied by a parent or guardian as much as possible and keep an eye on your child(s). Please give them instructions of our rules that the understand not running around the facility, not laying down, or not making a loud noise.
      If a complaint occurs due to a child's dangerous act, we may let them stop using the facility.
      Usage by children under elementary school
      The age of under elementary school can enter some areas depend on the branch. For details, please see the facility introduction webpages of each branch or contact the branches directly.
      In areas where parents are required to enter, be sure to be within sight of your child. In addition, please read the precautions in the area to your child and use the facility after understanding.
      (2) Precautions when using facilities
      Before using the facilities
      This service cannot be used under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      If you feel sick, please stop using the facility immediately.
      Please remove items such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other ornaments that may cause injury before using the facility.
      Remove belts, buckles, etc. that may damage equipment and playground equipment in the facility before using the facility.
      Empty your pockets as well. Please note that we are not responsible for lost items. Also, if you drop something, please do not enter under the trampoline without the permission of the staff.
      In order to prevent injury, except for the private zone of the Moriyama branch and Fuso branch and the kids zone of the Odaka branch, please be sure to wear our exclusive grip socks when using the facilities. Socks with grips purchased at other company cannot be used. Please be careful that there are some slippery areas.
      Please note that the sponge pool installed at the Moriyama and Fuso branches makes it easier to take off your socks.
      Representatives who use the Private Zone, Performance Zone (Fuso store limited) entire building charter, and free zone charter at the Moriyama and Fuso branches should inform the group members terms and conditions and facility usage rules. Please make sure that you can use our facility safely.
      Precautions when using facilities
      Somersaults are basically prohibited. All injuries and deaths caused by doing somersaults, including fractures and cervical spine injuries, are your own responsibility. In addition, if you cause harm to other customers or branches due to doing somersaults, the person who performed the somersault shall bear all responsibility.
      When jumping off from the jumping platform, make sure that there are no people under the platform.
      Never ride on the spring or spring cover of the trampoline. There is a risk of serious accidents.
      If a beginner jumps high suddenly, it is very dangerous to jump in an unexpected direction, lose balance, and land on the ground. Gradually increase the height of the jump until you get used to it.
      Hanging on the basket ring is not allowed it is very dangerous and there is a risk of serious accidents.
      Please note that jumping from the top of the wall of the wall trampoline to the trampoline will cause a large impact on your body and jump in an unexpected direction, which is very dangerous.
      It is very dangerous to sit or lie down on a trampoline or spring cover.Please take a break outside of the trampoline when you are not jumping.
      Never enter a trampoline when other people are jumping.
      Each trampoline is for per person use. When parents assist their children, do not jump high when multiple people are on the trampoline. There is a risk of injury from being blown away.
      Please pay close attention to other customers may use the trampoline around you, and give them a turn to play with.
      Please do not hang, kick or attack on protective nets or pillars.
      When exiting the trampoline, do not step on the spring cover and be careful for people near you when you exiting from the trampoline.
      When using other equipment and playground equipment, be sure to read the posted precautions carefully before use. If you are unsure of the content or terminology or rules, please feel free to contact the staff.
      Be sure to follow the instructions of the staff. If you do not comply, you may be asked to leave.

      Customer Information Registration

      RequiredRegistered store
      RequiredDate of Birth year month day
      Student category
      ■School year:
      RequiredPostal code
      RequiredPrefecture /State
      RequiredAdress line
      (Unrequired)E-mail * Discount information may be delivered.
      RequiredPhone number
      RequiredEmergency Contact
      RequiredReasons for visiting the store

      RequiredSignature (Please sign by hand in the frame)

      Persons with exposed tattoos are not allowed. Those with exposed face, neck, fingers, etc. must be completely covered before entering.

      Please write full name in the signature box below the checkbox field.(Must be signed by their parents or guardians that agree with the terms and conditions for person who is under age of 18 years old (high school students).)

      Checking and signing the check box will be consent as if you have agreed to the terms and conditions also following facility rules.

      I pledge to use the facilities with a full understanding of the dangers of trampoline, climbing, slides, athletics, etc., read the above precautions carefully when using the trampoline park Mr. JUMP, understand the precautions posted in various places when using attractions, agree to the contents, and comply with them.

      I pledge to deal with any injuries, accidents, or breakdowns that occur in this facility at my own risk, and not to pursue any responsibility of the facility operator or related parties.

      In addition, I pledge to handle any damages to other users or facilities caused by negligence at my own risk.

      Signatures must be full names. If you are under 18 years old(High school student), only the full name of your parent or guardian is valid.